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Apex Convert BMP to PDF

Convert BMP to PDF tool change multiple bitmap images, graphics, screenshots into Adobe format
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Convert BMP to PDF
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4 October 2013

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Convert BMP to PDF tool is optimized software solution to convert all kinds of BMP images, photos, screenshots, snapshots, stills, snaps, graphics files and shot in Adobe format then create a single PDF file. Transform bitmap to PDF program can convert images into PDF format without opening the files. Photographs to PDF converter software provide more options for better output adjustment as set the page size, image size, page margins, layout etc. Image to PDF converter also offers optional settings including PDF security options by specifying user and owner passwords with various restrictions. This software is designed specifically for the Windows OS and converts your bitmap file in Acrobat file format. This is pure window-based applications that support 32bits and 64bits windows. The software works with more popular Windows operating system such as windows7x64, windows7x32 VISTAx64 window, Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows98, Windows Me and Windows CE.
* Conversion tool convert image files into Adobe formats.
* Software is specially for converting Bitmap formats into Adobe.
* Tool can change the page size with fixed or custom settings.
* Supports batch image file to create an image with Adobe.
* You can convert your personal BMP photos, graphics, images or pictures in Adobe few seconds.
* Provides customizable settings such as page margins, image size, the size of the page before the images for PDF conversion.
* Switch photos or graphics in Adobe PDF files easily.
* Software does not require Adobe Acrobat Reader for conversion tools.
* Enter prefix suffix name to the resulting file.
* Change the Meta attributes such as Author, Subject Title, and Keywords.
* Compatible with all latest windows like windows7x64, VISTAx64 windows7x32 windows, windows VISTAx32, Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows CE and more.

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